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The tradition of the Capri sandal

The art of handing down the trade from father to son

In the Capri of 1950 the artisan Giuseppe Cuccurullo started the art of real leather sandal and leather strips. In the splendid setting of the great navy harbor he tailored patterns suitable for every need.

Over time, more and more people knew and appreciated the art of Cuccurullo, who did not know that he would soon become one of the most popular and well-known foot-stylists and especially of Capri sandals.

What had just begun as a passion was turning into a true style, succeeding in combining the comfort of a footwear born to those who lived the sea to the need to make it beautiful and elegant as only Cuccurullo could do.

From fishermen to bureaucrats, from the star of the sweet life to the decadent prince, everyone wanted and appreciated the beauty, originality and comfort of the models created by Cuccurullo.

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At 60 years since the beginning of this story, tradition continues and is renewed through the work of two grandchildren Joseph and Imma who inherited the passion and art of grandfather. By matching the old style to the needs of a fashion that is constantly renewed.

His grandson, Imma, among the first craftsmen in the industry, has brought that touch to more glamor and sophistication than just a woman has. Their creations are able to satisfy any kind of demand by offering a wide range of colors, patterns, fashionable applications, swarovski jewelery from coral, shells to seascapes with seaman theme. Particular attention is paid to the choice of footwear so that you can satisfy every request, dressing the feet from number 18 to number 49.