Gerbera Sandal Caprese
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Gerbera Sandal Caprese

Caprese sandal with instep band and strings on the back that wrap around the big toe.


€73.77 Tax excluded

Shipped within 10-15 days


Gerbera is a genus of herbaceous plants of the Asteraceae family that inspired the creation of this Caprese Sandal with a band around the instep and strings on the back that wrap around the big toe.

  • Sole in real 100% Italian leather.
  • Breathable insole in 100% Italian real leather.
  • Upper in selected first choice genuine Italian leather, hand-stitched in resistant and long-lasting cotton.
  • Insole rigorously hand-stitched to the sole with high quality natural textile fibres.
  • Heel in light and resistant wood, covered in leather.
Package weight and dimensions:
1 Kg, L 30 x A 20 x P 10 cm
Genuine hand-stitched Italian leather
In real 100% Italian leather
In light wood covered in real leather. Height 1 cm, 3 cm, 4 cm (+ €10.00), 6 cm (+ €15.00)
Classic colors:
Orange, Light blue, Beige, White, Blue, Camel, Light blue, Coral, Leather, Fuchsia, Ice, Yellow, Wisteria, Black, Gold, Rock, Antique pink, Red, Tobacco, Dove grey, Turquoise, Green, Purple.


Shipping your package

Our sandals can be shipped anywhere in the world through UPS express national/international couriers with the possibility of package tracking and delivery without recipient signature.  If you prefer a UPS Extra delivery with signature required, an additional cost will be applied, therefore we ask that you contact us before selecting this method.  Whatever shipping option you decide is best for you, we will provide you with a link that enables you to track your package online and follow its progress.

Shipping costs include handling and postal fees.  Handling costs are fixed while transport fees vary depending on intended destination.  We advise that all chosen articles be grouped into one order.  It is impossible to unify two orders made separately, therefore, shipping expenses will be charged for each order made.

The boxes are adequately spacious, ensuring that your sandals are well protected.

Delivery Times

Once the order has been processed (and payment confirmed), we will proceed to create the desired sandal within 3 and 5 working days.  Delivery times for couriers in Italy average 48/72 hours in addition to the necessary product creation times.

International shipment delivery times vary depending on the country of destination.